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Pear Body Shape

July 17th, 2008



I recently heard you on KOSI and would like some additional information.  I
was unable to listen to the whole segment but heard something about dressing
for your type and which stores you can shop at. My biggest problem (no pun
intended) is that I recently gained a lot of weight and am having trouble
finding the right clothes.  I am a pear shape which almost makes it worse,
small on top and (very) big on the bottom.  If I go into a store, the shirts
are too loose on top and tight on my hips or too tight everywhere.  I’ve
started shopping for baggy and ugly in order to at least have something fit.
Any direction you can send me to is greatly appreciated.


Dear Vikotria,

 We ALL have body issues, real and imagined.   Even the super-stars have the body conerns that plague us mortals.  Look at your body pear double when you take a peek at Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, to name a few.  Why, even Evelinda is a pear.  Dress for the pear you have now and then as you lose weight you can alter a few things. 

- Find a tailor,  you will usually have to have your pants taken in at the waist, luckily pears have defined waists. 

- Balance your shoulders to your hips by wearing jackets and tops with details at the shoulders.  As an example, if you are wearing pants/skirts and a tank top, you will throw on a cropped jackets. The defined shoulders that jackets provide you will balance your hips. 

- If you are a larger pear in size, go for a loose fitting longer jacket and pants in the same color, make your blouse a color statement. 

- Empire waist dress that accentuate the upper body and skim over the hips are figgure flattering.

- Put all color in the area of your body you want to feature.  This means color at your shoulders/top and not on your bottom. 

- Depending on your size, try wearing the super-flare pants, this cut tends to focus on the waist and minimize the hips.  The boutique Rebel has some great ones by Georgie, ask for the store manager Leicia to give you a hand.  Also, Barbara & Co. in Tamarac square will provide good advice. 

Keep checking our calendar for when we present public seminars that you can attend.  We go over body-types at these events.

Enjoy looking for your pieces during the summer sales!

Evelinda and Judie

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