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September 22nd, 2008

 Where could a “mature” woman find a swimsuit this time of year?

We recently signed up for two cruises and I need a swimsuit.  I am 61 and in pretty good shape–I train  horses for a living–but don’t want to call attention to certain parts of my body.  I would like to find a one piece suit with some tummy support.  I am small  but  have a slightly ”poochy” stomach.

Also, I am convinced manufacturers are making clothing larger and sticking smaller size tags on them.  I have been trying to find shorts and capris.  A 4P which used to fit is now too large.  Where can a person shop?????

Carol E

Dear Carol,

We agree that manufacturers are cutting more generously to compensate for expanding waist-lines.  The European designers or fashions cut for young women run smaller.

We’ve never met a woman that loves her body, so our philosophy about swimsuits is to buy one you like and enjoy the water.  When out of the water, wear a fabulous large brim hat, dark sunglasses and a coverup, you will look great.  As for your suits, do call all of the local swim stores located in the malls and ask them what they offer.  Also try Nordstrom and Le Soutien (lingerie store in Cherry Creek North).

Enjoy your vacation.

Judie and Evelinda

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  1. Shalia Says:

    Try WorldSwimwear, they have many swimsuits that are age appropriate. Many of their styles are not listed on the website, but the consultants will send you pictures of other items that they sell. My mother (62) got her swimsuit from them and it is like a tennis outfit. You can choose between a halter long top, or a halter bikini top with a skirt. The skirt is not that short either. Good luck. You can email them at customercare@WorldSwimwear, and explain what you want.. They ship over night, too.

  2. Evelinda Says:


    Thank you! It’s great to share info.

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