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Those Dreaded Gray Roots

February 5th, 2009

We can only go three weeks now without those nasty gray roots going public. Recently we tried several  temporary coverup products.   Here’s our evaluations:

 Roux “Tween Time:”  From Sally’s Beauty Products, this is a touch-up crayon that your heat up under hot water and rub firmly on your roots.  Takes many strokes to work; just okay coverage.

 Root Touch Up:  Also from Sally’s,  this is a mascara case with a sponge applicator. Coverage is good, but hair gets stiff and kind of icky.

Giuliano Grey Free Instant Touch-up:  Found this at a salon in Massachusetts.  It goes on like mascara.  Coverage is good and long lasting. Google DreamLook, Inc. to order.

The Winner: Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-up and Highlighting Pen:  Goes on a like a magic marker, hair stays soft, long lasting, easy to apply — just scribble it on all over your roots.  $23 at Sephora stores and websitesp223723_hero1.jpg

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