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Don’t Forget the Gap for Jeans

May 23rd, 2011


I have been shopping for jeans all over town and completely forgot about the Gap.  I am not the only one. The New York Times recently had an article on the decline of Gap’s sales. to the Wall Street Journal, the Gap has been in trouble for almost a decade.  Let Style Matters contribute some good news.  I went in to a store last week and tried on skinny leg 1969 jeans and loved the fit.  For $60, you could do a lot worse.  The Gap also had some cream colored skinny leg jeans that I could have really used, but I couldn’t find a pair that worked for me. I’m in between two sizes.  The store also had a large collection of straight leg and boot cut in dark and medium blue denim. I bought a pair in both colors. 

Style Matters tip: When you find a pair of jeans that fit, buy at least two pair or even three.  One to wear with heels, one with flats and one that you take to the tailors to crop.  A flattering pair of jeans is not something to  treat lightly.

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