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Who said tampons can’t have style?

September 23rd, 2011

 Who even cares.  Kotex has introduced tampons in four different colors–orange, lime green, hot pink and purple.  When I am writhing in pain and flowing from menstral cramps, the only thing I will settle for is a colored tampon.  I wouldn’t dream of using a plain white one.  How down market is that!  Here’s some of the product’s promotional copy:

” U by Kotex has an edgy new look with Free Style, Boho, Poptimistic (whatever that is) and Punk Glam designs.  It’s the new new future of feminine protection, and it’s anything but bland.”

I guess one “new” wasn’t enough to reveal how unbelievably innovative this product is.  Let’s float back down to earth, Kotex.  It’s a tampon.  You stick it up your hoo-hoo.  The Poptimistic cover is flushed.  End of glam.  End of story. 

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