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Great Money-Saving Tips from across the Pond. Our English cousins have some useful advice.

May 14th, 2012

What are the best ways to get a great bargain when you’re out shopping?

If you love shopping but hate seeing your bank balance rapidly disappear, then this blog post will show you some great ways you can save money on a day out, from finding restaurant offers to avoiding paying those expensive car parking fees.If you have a glamorous party coming up and you’ve already got your eye on some accessories at Tiffany’s or on  you need now is an elegant dress, then you might be worried about blowing your budget. But don’t worry because this blog post will show you some great shopping tips to help you save money.

Tip 1 - Resist spontaneous purchases
We all know what it’s like spot something you like right next to the cash register - such as a chocolate bar or a pair of earrings - and you end up buying it for the sake of it. If you resist these spontaneous purchases then you are sure to save some money. Shops place items close to the cash register to tempt you, but don’t be fooled.Tip 2 - Find restaurants with an Early Bird deal
If you want to grab a bite to eat, don’t just walk into the closest restaurant - instead have a good look around and see which places are offering deals. Some restaurants will offer lunch time specials while others provide a cheaper Early Bird menu. If you are tempted by a dessert, then why not save a few dollars by going to a nearby store and buying an ice-cream for a dollar or two, rather than splashing out on a fancy $7 cheesecake in the restaurant.

Tip 3 - Rather than driving to your nearby shopping mall and paying extortionate car park prices, why not share a lift with some friends and split the cost between you? Alternatively catch the bus there and back

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