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Boots for Athletic Calves

October 13th, 2008

Dear Style Matters

Can you help me find black boots size 5 that can zip up past a normal calve muscle, not a (skinny one). I have found boots for under $100 but I  have trouble zipping them up. I would like to wear my skirts instead of pants this winter,but the boots are needed to set of my new look. Any  ideas who carries these greatly desired boots.


Deaer Chesi,

 We are assuming you’ve been to Nordstrom Rack, DSW, Payless and other local retailers.  If these aren’t working for you then the web will be your friend.  Google boots for wide calves and you will get several sites, but here’s a few ideas:; , and

Evelinda and Judie

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Platform Shoes and Wide-leg pants

October 8th, 2008

 Hi Judie & Evelinda,

Just wondering if you’ve had a view into next spring/summer’s styles — are we going to be seeing platform sandals again next year?  They looked great with wide-leg pants — are we going to see those again too?  If we don’t see platforms, what works with wide legs for casual wear?

Thanks for your help.  BTW, I loved your column on things you’ve changed your mind about.  Amazing how our eye adapts over time, isn’t it?

Thanks again,

Denise W.

Dear Denise,

The trendsetters are switching to a crossbreed of a heel and platform.  It is a concealed platform at the front of the shoe (the platform is wrapped in the same fabric as the upper portion of the shoe) and balanced with a thicker very high heel at the heel of the shoe.    You see this shoe in stores right now and it will look great with the wider leg pant.   But don’t worry the comfy platfrom, where the shoe is equally elevated, is always present in some form. Its been the dominate shoe but when it takes a back-step, it is usually shown with a thinner and not quite as high of a platform.   The bottom line, you will be able to wear your sandals next year.  Designers have been showing high-waisted, wide-legged pants for several seasons, but they are just now becoming popular on the street, you will be able to wear this style when the warm weather returns. 

Evelinda and Judie

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Hair Color

September 26th, 2008

Dear Style Matters,

I am working on getting my dark brown colored hair back to gray ( it is a long story … ) and need to find a great colorist - do you have suggestions??

Thank you.

Patty R.

Dear Patty,

When it comes to hair color/cut, we always make this our first recommendation: stop and ask a woman whose hair you like.  Ask her where she goes.  She’s flattered and you have seen the results. If this doesn’t work, here are a few others:

Charlie Price (runner-up of the Shear Genius show on Bravo, Click 303-399-9469)
Pam Grieve (Salon Posh Evelinda goes here 303-333-3750)
Third Avenue Studio (ask Irene owner, Evelinda uses Ashleigh 303-355-8480)
Mitzi (Bentley’s 720-854-9293, Judie goes here)

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Evelinda and Judie

2 Responses to “Hair Color”

  1. Patty Says:

    Thank you - I totally agree that friends recommendations are the best - but in this case as I am not looking for a general recommendation - but instead a specific specialty ( color ) I was looking for a different kind of recommendation - perhaps I did not explain very well.

  2. Evelinda Says:

    We understand. These are color recommendations. Good luck

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September 22nd, 2008

 Where could a “mature” woman find a swimsuit this time of year?

We recently signed up for two cruises and I need a swimsuit.  I am 61 and in pretty good shape–I train  horses for a living–but don’t want to call attention to certain parts of my body.  I would like to find a one piece suit with some tummy support.  I am small  but  have a slightly ”poochy” stomach.

Also, I am convinced manufacturers are making clothing larger and sticking smaller size tags on them.  I have been trying to find shorts and capris.  A 4P which used to fit is now too large.  Where can a person shop?????

Carol E

Dear Carol,

We agree that manufacturers are cutting more generously to compensate for expanding waist-lines.  The European designers or fashions cut for young women run smaller.

We’ve never met a woman that loves her body, so our philosophy about swimsuits is to buy one you like and enjoy the water.  When out of the water, wear a fabulous large brim hat, dark sunglasses and a coverup, you will look great.  As for your suits, do call all of the local swim stores located in the malls and ask them what they offer.  Also try Nordstrom and Le Soutien (lingerie store in Cherry Creek North).

Enjoy your vacation.

Judie and Evelinda

2 Responses to “Swimsuits”

  1. Shalia Says:

    Try WorldSwimwear, they have many swimsuits that are age appropriate. Many of their styles are not listed on the website, but the consultants will send you pictures of other items that they sell. My mother (62) got her swimsuit from them and it is like a tennis outfit. You can choose between a halter long top, or a halter bikini top with a skirt. The skirt is not that short either. Good luck. You can email them at customercare@WorldSwimwear, and explain what you want.. They ship over night, too.

  2. Evelinda Says:


    Thank you! It’s great to share info.

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Skin Care

September 18th, 2008

Dear SM Mavens,

Do you have any suggestions for a nighttime eye cream that isn’t drying and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? I’d also be interested in a daily face regime of products that are designed for over 60 faces too.

I’ve looked high and low for the Creative Nail Design “sheer” nail polishes that you highlighted several weeks ago but with no luck. Are they out there in the metro Denver area? I found and bought the CND dark red “Decadence” and am looking forward to trying it. Your help and suggestions are always appreciated.


Jane V.

Dear Jane,

We have found that really expensive skin care does not out-perform over-the-counter products.  Try the Oil of Olay products, they work well and are affordable.  As for the nail polish, if you can’t find CND, then any pale/sheer polish, similar to what they use for french manicures will work. We did speak to Jeany at McCauley’s 303.752.2288 and she says she has a few bottles.

Evelinda and Judie

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Dapper Men

September 13th, 2008

Hi girls,I noticed a slightly sexist slant on your column in the News today – not one single male opinion! Is Denver really that lacking in men who care about their image? Judging by how robust our business is, and the attitude of the product we sell… I think not!For myself this fall it is all about touch and texture… flying in the face of this downturn in our economy, it’s all about luxe fabrics and unexpected colors for me this fall-Optical-white corduroy five-pockets, ivory flannel cargo pants, pearl gray cashmere sportcoats, and my favorite item for this fall: a butter-colored (and feeling!) baby alpaca trim-fit overcoat, the perfect canvas on which to contrast all my patterned silk-and-cashmere scarves… and not to forget the cashmere-knit gloves! It’s all about the accessory and the details too this fall ! 

Best of luck and continued success with the column – I was beginning to think style matters had all-but-disappeared from our local newspapers… at least the women get a little something to work with –Let me know if you ever need any interesting ideas for a men’s piece ! 


Joe Augustine

Buyer, Andrisen Morton Mens



You are so right!  When it comes to fashion, we are sexist.  If we can ever stop thinking about us girls long enough to give you a call . . . we will!  Ladies, as you read this, remember that Andrisen Morton Mens is a fabulous store for your significant other.  We have one girlfriend that buys the very cool men’s belts for herself at this boutique.  You can multi-task, while he’s trying on, you grab a belt. 

 Evelinda and Judie

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Jean’s Girl Needs Black-Tie Outfit

August 20th, 2008

lbd.jpgDear Style Matters,

Last summer, I was at an event in the street mall on Alameda and Wadsworth and you and your partner in crime were there too. (Forgive me for not recalling the name of the area - I used to live in Denver when that area was called Villa Italia).

With all that being said, I’m sure you’ve guess I’m not a youngster.  And I have a serious fashion dilema.

I work virtually, which means I have a home office and if I want to work in my sweats or skivvies, that’s okay, because no one ever sees me.  But….here’s my problem:

One of my clients (who is one of the top pageant interview coaches in the nation) has requested that I accompany her to the Pageant Beauty Competition and Expo in San Diego next month.  This is a very big gala event complete with red carpet etc.

A)What does one wear to participate in this expo when she is 52 but looks like 35;

B) What style of little black dress is best given age, etc.

C) How do I do all of this on a budget of under $500?

Thanks for your help -

Please understand, I’ve always been a jeans kinda girl.


Dear Sherry,

 We are assuming that you are looking for a long, formal dress.  But you will find both formal and cocktail length at the stores we are recommending. All of these stores should have be within your budget.  You attended an event with us at BelMar, which is a fabulous outdoor shopping area.   There you received a complimentary copy of our book courtesy of BelMar, and our book is where you  will find all the addresses, phone numbers, sizes, etc. for the stores we are now recommeding to you.  If Belmar is the area you enjoy shopping, then visit the Cache store at Belmar.  In Larimer Square go to Mariel.  In Greenwood Village/Cherry Hills village go to Paula’s.   If you enjoy outlet shopping, go to Colorado Mills, visit Off SAKS and Neiman’s Last Call.  Of course there is Macy’s (Cherry Creek only and visit the personal shopper Lynda), Nordstrom, SAKS and Neimans.  When visiting  the last 3, then stay in the dressy dress area, don’t wonder off to couture. It’s hard to recommend a style of LBD not knowing height, body type, size, etc. but you will find something perfect at one of these locations.  Have a great trip!

Evelinda and Judie

One Response to “Jean’s Girl Needs Black-Tie Outfit”

  1. Lynda Kacvinski-Cukale Says:

    Dear Sherry,
    My name is Lynda Kacvinski-Cukale and I am a personal Shopper at Macy’s in Cherry Creek Mall. I would love to help you put together an oufit for your event! That is my specialty! My service is free, so give me a call or email me at any time if you would like an appointment!

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Pear Body Shape

July 17th, 2008



I recently heard you on KOSI and would like some additional information.  I
was unable to listen to the whole segment but heard something about dressing
for your type and which stores you can shop at. My biggest problem (no pun
intended) is that I recently gained a lot of weight and am having trouble
finding the right clothes.  I am a pear shape which almost makes it worse,
small on top and (very) big on the bottom.  If I go into a store, the shirts
are too loose on top and tight on my hips or too tight everywhere.  I’ve
started shopping for baggy and ugly in order to at least have something fit.
Any direction you can send me to is greatly appreciated.


Dear Vikotria,

 We ALL have body issues, real and imagined.   Even the super-stars have the body conerns that plague us mortals.  Look at your body pear double when you take a peek at Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, to name a few.  Why, even Evelinda is a pear.  Dress for the pear you have now and then as you lose weight you can alter a few things. 

- Find a tailor,  you will usually have to have your pants taken in at the waist, luckily pears have defined waists. 

- Balance your shoulders to your hips by wearing jackets and tops with details at the shoulders.  As an example, if you are wearing pants/skirts and a tank top, you will throw on a cropped jackets. The defined shoulders that jackets provide you will balance your hips. 

- If you are a larger pear in size, go for a loose fitting longer jacket and pants in the same color, make your blouse a color statement. 

- Empire waist dress that accentuate the upper body and skim over the hips are figgure flattering.

- Put all color in the area of your body you want to feature.  This means color at your shoulders/top and not on your bottom. 

- Depending on your size, try wearing the super-flare pants, this cut tends to focus on the waist and minimize the hips.  The boutique Rebel has some great ones by Georgie, ask for the store manager Leicia to give you a hand.  Also, Barbara & Co. in Tamarac square will provide good advice. 

Keep checking our calendar for when we present public seminars that you can attend.  We go over body-types at these events.

Enjoy looking for your pieces during the summer sales!

Evelinda and Judie

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Fashion/Business Seminars

July 16th, 2008

I would like to get on your list for any of the upcoming Fashion Seminars; however, your website does give any details as to dates and times for these.Could you please provide me with more information?

Thank you!


 Most of our seminars are sponsored by corporations for their staff or meeting planners for conventions.  These are private events and we don’t publish.  Periodically we do seminars opened to the public that are hosted by women’s groups, non-profits, radio stations, etc., but are so busy writing our new book that these seminars have been on hiatus.   We hope to begin these public seminars soon. 

Evelinda and Judie

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Lifting “the girls”

July 12th, 2008

 Dear Style Matters: 

I always read and enjoy your weekly Rocky Mountain News column!  In the June 12th column (tips for aging stylishly), you gave lots of good, common-sense tips that I seem to pretty much instinctively follow.  The one that gives me the most trouble is finding a bra that “raises the girls” (I am a 43-year-old mom of two, ages 13 and almost 6).  Can you recommend specific brands/styles or do you know of a “bra whisperer” in the Aurora area who can help with a proper fitting?

I look forward to your future columns and to hearing from you.


Dear Stylish Reader,

 HAAA!  You are too funny.  There is no one brand fits all, you are going to have to spend some time in the dressing room with a good fitter.  We suggest you go to Nordstrom (Park Meadows Mall) and/or Pampered Passions which is a lingerie boutique across County Line Road from the mall.  Your clothes will fit better once the  girls are in the right position.

Good luck!

Evelinda and Judie

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