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Style Matters Top Ten Fall Fashion Trends

August 29th, 2011

My favorite time of year is now when I get to predict what trends real women will actually buy and wear.  See if you agree.

 1.  Color.  Color is the big story of this season.  Snap up a “color-block” dress and a pair of slim leg colored jeans.  Not sure if many women will go for fire engine red denim.  Instead, try more muted colors. It remains to be seen if this trend will catch on.


On the hand, color-blocked dresses could be a welcome addition to my dress collection, adding something new instead of another little black dress. Along with color, designers are once again pushing:

2. Wide leg jeans.  I don’t believe women are ready to give up their skinny jeans — they show off our boots too well –but perhaps it’s time to invest in at least one pair.  Wear them with the hemline almost dusting the ground.

3.  Faux fur trimmed tops:  These decorative, PETA- approved embellishments give a new look to vests,  sweaters and jackets.  Just make sure the faux doesn’t look too faux and thus, tacky.



New skirt length looks good on no one

August 7th, 2011

The Wall Street Journal recently announced the advent of the new hemline :  midi length just below the knee or mid-calf.  That also happens to be the most unflattering length for every woman no matter how great you think your legs are.  This hemline cuts the calf in half making the leg look… well, frankly, fat.  Watch out for these hemlines as they hit the stores and boutiques. 

Style Matters suggestion:  Hem skirts and dresses to right below the knee where the calf meets the back of the leg.  This will give you the most flattering look while still looking current.

Do clothing tags make you itch?

August 1st, 2011

Lately, I’ve noticed that tags on the necks of clothing are driving me crazy.  They are so itchy!  So, I went on line and found this website:

It contains step by step instructions on how to remove tags without damaging the garment. 

Equipment you will need:

seam ripper, tweezers and scissors.  I had no idea what  seam ripper is.  See below.  Get them at any Target or sewing store for under $4.

What makeup should you wear to work?

June 22nd, 2011

In the July issue of Marie Claire magazine, an article on how much makeup to wear to work caught my attention.  Style Matters gives seminars on how a business casual wardrobe can help promote you at work, but we have never addressed makeup as a separate subject.  MC has, and their advice:  keep it natural looking.  Here are SM and MC tips for how to wear makeup in the workplace.

1.  Keep skin healthy by using moisturizer day and night. For day, moisturizer should be an SPF 15.
2.  Consider using tinted moisturizers which you can create yourself by mixing foundation with skin cream. Check that the moisturizer looks good under natural light and is blended.
3.  Use pale blush, lip stain in a color slightly darker than your lip shade and mascara that’s not too gloppy.  SM loves Maybelline Lash Discovery.  Under $6 and really does a nice job of separating lashes.
4.  Stay away from shiny lip glosses, false eyelashes and bright color  eyeshadows.

Silly, Silly Wall Street Journal suit recommendations

June 13th, 2011

[shortsuits]Wall Street Journal suggests this is appropriate for the workplace.

 I typically agree with the WSJ’s take on fashion trends.  But this weekend writerAlexa Brazilian went over the top.  Her suggestion for summer office wear?  Shorts.  Yup, she says women should wear shorts to the office.  May I quote:  When  brought together (suits and shorts), they create an unexpected combination of crisp polish and playful sportiness that can be worn anywhere from the office to weekends in the country and formal evenings out. Now I don’t know about evening dress — maybe in NYC shorts are de rigeur — but shorts for work!!!!  Only if you want your male co-workers to lose total respect for you.  Unless you work in the entertainment or fashion industry, this look is just wrong and could get you into lots of trouble.  Don’t even think about switching skirts for shorts until you have left the office.

Does Lipo Last?

May 24th, 2011


Ah, the miraculous claims of liposuction.  The procedure removes fat cells with the promise that fat will never appear in that location again.  What patients will tell you  is that the fat returns SOME PLACE ELSE! Now a small study reported in the Wall Street Journal confirms that fat removed from the stomach, hips and thighs returns within a year of the surgery.  Where does it go?  To the arms, shoulders, upper abdomen and might I add, boobs. This study is the first to suggest that liposuction leads to fat redistribution.  But those of us who have partaken of this procedure have known for a long time that this is true. 

Don’t Forget the Gap for Jeans

May 23rd, 2011


I have been shopping for jeans all over town and completely forgot about the Gap.  I am not the only one. The New York Times recently had an article on the decline of Gap’s sales. to the Wall Street Journal, the Gap has been in trouble for almost a decade.  Let Style Matters contribute some good news.  I went in to a store last week and tried on skinny leg 1969 jeans and loved the fit.  For $60, you could do a lot worse.  The Gap also had some cream colored skinny leg jeans that I could have really used, but I couldn’t find a pair that worked for me. I’m in between two sizes.  The store also had a large collection of straight leg and boot cut in dark and medium blue denim. I bought a pair in both colors. 

Style Matters tip: When you find a pair of jeans that fit, buy at least two pair or even three.  One to wear with heels, one with flats and one that you take to the tailors to crop.  A flattering pair of jeans is not something to  treat lightly.

Great article on why we buy

May 10th, 2011

If you are watching your dollars, but still find yourself buying stuff, you need to read this article on what retailers do behind the scenes to encourage us to keep purchasing.  Check out this link and learn their secrets.

Newest research on why women cry more than men

May 9th, 2011

New research shows that women are wired to shed more tears than men.  Duh!  But wait.  There is a anatomical reason.  Male tear ducts are larger so that they can contain more tears before they spill over onto the face.  Women, with smaller ducts, display tears much sooner.  Other facts about tears:

  • Prolactin is found in tears and is a lactation hormone.  By the time women are 18, they have 50-60 percent more prolactin than men, which could account for why women cry more than men.
  • Humans are the only specie that cry emotional tears.
  • As men age, they cry more.
  • Women in developed countries cry more than women in more repressive societies.
  • 43 percent of the research subjects consider people who cry at work to be unstable.

Hand me a tissue.  This topic makes me all weepy.

The secret behind all those reward programs

May 8th, 2011

 DSW send you “store” money after you have purchased a certain amount.

Have you noticed all the stores that now offer reward programs?  Reward programs can be coupons, non-credit card cards or store credits.  They are mailed, emailed, sent to you on your birthday or after you spend a certain amount.  Most all reward programs offer discounts or credits or “store” money.  Why? What’s in it for the retailer?  According to the Wall Street Journal, these programs are a high-tech method of tracking and monitoring customer shopping habits with the aim of getting them to buy more.  One expert in  the field says that it takes between 12 and 20 NEW customers to replace a lost loyal customer!  So the next time you feel a favorite store has treated you unfairly, quote them the above stat.  They can continue to deal with you or… find a dozen new customers!

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